Uniweld Participated in the 2016 AHR Mexico Tradeshow in Monterrey, Mexico September 20-22

Uniweld Products displayed their Smartech® Digital Manifold, UVG Digital Vacuum Gauge, and more at the 2016 AHR Mexico Tradeshow in Monterrey, Mexico.


HVACR technicians welcomed the product launch of the Smartech® Wireless Digital Manifold in Mexico, in addition to the all-new Smartech® Digital Vacuum Gauge and their full range of HVACR tools. Those HVACR tools include refrigeration manifolds, gauges, hoses, vacuum pumps, brazing equipment, handheld brazing torches, tubing tools, and nitrogen equipment, along with other related accessories for the industry. Among an additional favorite, receiving high marks from visitors to Uniweld’s booth was the EZ Turn™ Challenge and their Anti-Blowback Hose. These hoses were designed for connecting to a system quickly and easily while under pressure. Several bystanders joined in on the enthusiasm once they witnessed the EZ Turn™ Challenge.
Uniweld’s Director of International Sales, Richard Apodaca, and International Sales Executive, Mario Portillo helped introduce the Smartech® Digital Manifold. The manifold, connecting via Bluetooth with the app, clearly displays temperature and pressure readings and automatically calculates Superheat and Subcooling calculations in real-time as the temperature and pressures fluctuate. All of the guesswork is taken out of properly charging a system with the Smart Charge Zone™ feature. Color indicators signal whether the system is overcharged (red), undercharged (blue), or has an accurate “in the zone” system charge (green). Technicians can choose from 109 refrigerant types and create a custom list of their most commonly used refrigerants.
The UVG Digital Vacuum Gauge is a reliable tool that helps you work smarter, with Smartech®. It has a highly accurate sensor that provides precise vacuum readings on a large, backlit LCD display. The accuracy is 5% of Reading +/- 5 Microns. It is preloaded with several different measurements: microns, Pa, mBar, and mmHg. The UVG has a range of 0-25,000 Microns, 3330 Pa, 33.3 mBar, 25 mmHg and a resolution of 1 Micron (<1,000 Microns), .1 Pa, .001 mBar, .001 mmHg. Made to work in different environments, its operating temperatures are -10 °F to 122 °F (-12 °C to 50 °C). To eliminate false vacuum readings, the UVG has a built-in oil sensor that indicates when the gauge needs cleaning.
Supporting Uniweld, were some of Uniweld’s authorized distributors, such as RNR, GALPA, RyR, REACSA, and ROSAN, which made for a unique combination. When visitors visited distributor’s booths looking for additional information on Uniweld products, they were directed to Uniweld’s booth. When visitors attended Uniweld’s booth wanting to know where to purchase the product, they were directed to the booths of Uniweld’s authorized distributors. The success of the AHR MEXICO show finished exceeding expectations as Uniweld looks forward to participating in the 2018 AHR Mexico Show in Mexico City, Mexico at Banamex Hall.

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