Uniweld Introduces SmarTech Digital Manifold in the Philippines

Uniweld In Conjunction With Emerson, Tecumseh, Parker and Rectorseal Conducted Seminars hosted by Magic Aire Industries in Manila, Philippines


Over 100 HVACR technicians attended the 2 day seminars 4 – 5 August which were tied in to the 90th birthday celebration festivities of Magic Aire Industries’ founder, Manuel Co Keng Kian. Sofia Co, Principal of Magic Aire Industries hosted the seminars and festivities which extended through the weekend.

Richard Apodaca, Director International conducted Uniweld’s seminar which focused on the introduction of Uniweld’s USMAN5 SmarTech Digital Manifold. An overview was presented in understanding the traditional manifold set with analog gauges. Most gauges in the Philippines have an accuracy rate of 3-2-3, which simply can result in inaccurate pressure readings. Combine this with flutter fluctuation on the gauge’s pointer, and the inaccuracy is compounded. Add to this, manual calculations which are done to determine superheat, sub cooling and other vital data to determine the correct refrigerant charge for a system, and you can end up with systems which are improperly charged. An incorrect charge of a system leads to reduced efficiencies of the operating system and can reduce the life cycle of the system.

Understanding these principles, the attendees were excited with the features of the USMAN5 SmarTech Digital Manifold. The digital technology permits them to do away with many of the inaccuracies which occur when operating with an analog manifold set. With the added benefits of the SmarTech Digital Manifold, such as a complete 5 foot EZ Turn Anti-Blowback hose set with 3/8” vacuum hose for 3 times faster evacuation, EZ Access “T” Fitting for simplified purging and charging, attendees were very much impressed. Add to this the Smart Charge Zone offered by Uniweld which takes the guess work out of calculating the amount of refrigerant required to properly charge a system. This feature alone won over many of the attendees.

Sofia Co of Magic Aire Industries declared the seminars conducted by Uniweld, Emerson, Tecumseh, Parker and Rectorseal to be a success. From there, it was on to the festivities and celebrations honoring the 90th birthday of Mr. Manuel Co Keng Kian.

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