Automotive Service Couplers

Uniweld’s improved R-134a Manual Service Couplers accurately centers to the schrader valve. this prevents damage to the schrader and securely locks the coupler onto the A/C service port.

Product Information

Part # Type of Service Coupler Description
90478 Manual Red-High Side w/92800 [1/4″ M.F. Adaptor]
90479 Manual Blue-Low Side w/92800 [1/4″ M.F. Adaptor]
90483 R-134a Automatic Red-High w/92800 [1/4″ M.F. Adaptor]
90484 R134aAutomatic Blue-Low w/92800 [1/4″ M.F. Adaptor]
90486 Automatic Serivce Coupler/Adaptor Kit Red-High Side [14mm F.] & Blue/Low Side [14mm F.] Couplers with two 92800 1/4″ M.F. Adaptors
90494 Manual Red-High Side R1234yf [1/4″ M.F.]
90495 Manual Blue-Low Side R1234yf [1/4″ M.F.]