Thermite Welding Tip (TWN-5)

Join sections of train track by preheating rail ends in preparation for the thermite charge. Thermite [from Thermite, a trade name],is a mixture of powered or granular aluminum metal and powered iron oxide. When ignited, it gives off large amounts of heat. It is used in welding large parts, e.g., castings, shafts, pipes, and steel rails.


In the process the thermite, contained in the crucible, is ignited. The aluminum reduces the iron oxide to molten iron and forms a slag of aluminum oxide on its surface. The reaction is very exothermic; temperatures above 2,500°C (4,500°F) are often reached. Typically, the molten iron is poured into the joint to be welded, providing both heat for fusion and filler metal. Excess metal may be removed when the weld cools.

Product Information

 Compatible V-Style Welding Handles Preheat Time Oxygen Pressure (PSI)/ Flow Fuel Pressure (PSI)/ Flow
WH360 5 min 65 / 300 15 / 80
WH360L 5 min 65 / 300 15 / 80
72L9 5 min 65 / 300 15 / 80