The Wurks-A

The Uniweld Wurks-A is a complete 12 piece, easy-to-operate, all-purpose outfit for cutting, welding and brazing that's packed in its own rugged Wurk Box with a compartmentalized accessory tray.
– CA370 Cutting Attachment with triangular tube construction and tip mix technology
– MR Series Regulators with large, easy to read single scale 2” gauges.
– WH370 Welding Handle has an O-ring sealed tube within a tube design and secure grip, ribbed brass handle.

Use the Wurks for:
– Cutting most Steels
– Auto and Trailer Repair
– Plumbing and General Home Maintenance
– Building Metal Workstands
– Creating Metal Artwork
– Heating Metal Bars and Pipes for Bending
– Removing Rusty Nuts from Rusty Bolts
– Repairing Garden and Farm Tools

Product Information

Part # Welding Handle Cutting Attachment Cutting Tip Weld/Braze Tip Oxy. Reg. 5-80 PSIG Acety. Reg. 2-15 PSIG Toolbox with Tray Accessories
WURKS-A WH370 CA370 144-1 TYPE 370-2 MR8210 CGA540 MR8211
Black Plastic

12′ Twin Hose 3/16” “B”

Goggles, Shade #5

Flint Lighter

Tip Cleaner Set

Leather Welding Gloves

Wurks-A outfits available with CGA300 Acetylene Regulators- Order by adding (-1) to end of part number.

Additional information

Cutting Capacity:

1/2” with supplied tip; up to 6” with optional tips

Welding Capacity:

1/8” with supplied tip; up to 3/4” with optional tips