Automotive Regulator (N2H2)

The RNH100 N2H2 Tracer Gas Regulator is used in leak detection. When testing an A/C system for leaks, it should be charged with no more than 50 psi of N2H2 Tracer Gas. Once the A/C system is charged with the N2H2 Tracer Gas, a leak detector should be used to check for a leak source. If it is determined that the system is leak free, the N2H2 Tracer Gas may be vented to the atmosphere and the system can be professionally charged with the appropriate refrigerant gas.


– Piston actuated seat for durability.

– Steel case construction with polycarbonate lens.

– Protective rubber gauge boots.

– Easy-to-Read single scale 2″ gauges.

– T-Handle for ease of pressure adjustment.

– Porous metal inlet filter.

– Fine mesh filter screen between inlet and seat.

– For all of your testing and evaluating needs.

**Different Pressure Scales & Inlet Connections Available Upon Request**

Product Information


Part # Type Inlet Connection Outlet Connection Delivery Pressure Replacement Gauges
RNH100 N2H2 Tracer Gas Regulator CGA350 (N2H2) 1/4″ Flare (M) 5-90 PSI G6SD* 100 PSI

G7SD* 4000 PSI

RNH200 N2H2 Tracer Gas Regulator CGA350 (N2H2) 1/4″ Flare (M) 5-180 PSI G4SD* 200 PSI

G7SD* 4000 PSI

RNH800 N2H2 Tracer Gas Regulator CGA350 (N2H2) 1/4″ Flare (M) 5-800 PSI G34SD* 800 PSI

G7SD* 4000 PSI

*Gauges sold without boots. Sold Separately under part number GB20S (set of 2 boots).