BTU Calculator

*When acetylene welding tips are used with fuel gases, use on size larger tip and maximum pressures to obtain proper heat.

NOTE: Gas consumption data is merely for estimating purposes. It will vary due to the material, sill of the operator in the working conditions. Pressure are approximate for hose length up to 25 feet; increase for longer lengths about 3 PSIG per 25 feet and increase working pressures 2-3 PSIG for check valves. Acetylene delivery pressure should not exceed 15 PSIG under flow conditions.

WARNING: The withdrawal rate of an individual acetylene cylinder should not exceed 1/7 (approx. 15 %) of the cylinder contents per hour. If additional flow capacity is required, use manifold systems of sufficient size to supply the necessary volume. To avoid dangerous reverse flow of gases due to unbalanced pressures, do not allow cylinders (especially oxygen) to become completely empty while in use. Check for adequate gas supplies before starting work, order at 1/4 cylinder contents) especially with larger heating tips. Purge all hoses and torch passages before each torch lighting and use to vent out mixed gases which can cause a flashback if ignited.
Vent gases safely.