Automotive A/C Flush Kit & Replacement Parts

Uniweld’s A/C Flush Kit is ideal for system flushing after compressor burnouts and will remove contaminants, moisture and acid from the evaporator and condenser. It is also used during retrofits and flushing R-22 line sets for R-410A conversions. The R-22 mineral oil based system is not compatible with the R-410A ester oil based system.

Product Information

Part # Type Description
94180 Flush Kit Auto A/C System Flush Kit
94184 Flush Kit A/C Flush Kit w/Safety Blowoff
H2SSM Flush Kit Replacement Parts 24″ Service Hose
40049 Flush Kit Replacement Parts Auto Rubber Tip Nozzle with 1/8″ M.P.T. Fitting

Additional information


• Pressure Relief Valve that opens automatically at 180 to 190 PSI, protecting the cylinder and equipment from over-pressure
• Valve Assembly with a Liquid Dip Tube
• Ball valve with 1/4 turn open/close
• 24" flexible Service Hose
• Blow Gun fitted with Rubber Tip Nozzle