Automotive A/C Flush Kit & Replacement Parts

Uniweld's A/C Flush Kit is ideal for system flushing after compressor burnouts and will remove contaminants, moisture and acid from the evaporator and condenser. It is also used during retrofits and flushing R-22 line sets for R-410A conversions. The R-22 mineral oil based system is not compatible with the R-410A ester oil based system.

Product Information

Part # Type Description
94180 Flush Kit Auto A/C System Flush Kit
BG1FA Flush Kit Replacement Parts Blowgun with Auto Rubber Tip Nozzle 
H2SSM Flush Kit Replacement Parts 24″ Service Hose
40049 Flush Kit Replacement Parts Auto Rubber Tip Nozzle with 1/8″ M.P.T. Fitting

Additional information


• Pressure Relief Valve that opens automatically at 180 to 190 PSI, protecting the cylinder and equipment from over-pressure
• Valve Assembly with a Liquid Dip Tube
• Ball valve with 1/4 turn open/close
• 24" flexible Service Hose
• Blow Gun fitted with Rubber Tip Nozzle