Part# WB500
The Scorcher® is a 500,000 BTU Propane gas flame tool for use on farms and ranches; at home and business; in construction, maintenance and factories; on railways; in parks and on highways. The Scorcher® features an easy to operate brass control knob and will hook up to a standard 20lb. Bar-B-Que grill type propane tank and a P.O.L. safety valve that prevents excess flow of LP gas if the hose is cut or melted.

There are multiple uses for the Scorcher®, year round:
– Weed burning
– Asphalt repair, tar sealing
– Ice melting and snow removal
– Paint, grease, oil removal
– Preheating metal castings, pipes
– Brush and debris burning
– Fire ant mounds
– Roofing repair
The Scorcher® Propane Gas Torch Kit also includes a 10′ hose with P.O.L Safety Valve & a flint lighter, for proper ignition.