The Wurks®-H

The Uniweld Wurks-H is a medium duty, complete 12 piece, easy-to-operate, all-purpose outfit for cutting, welding and brazing that’s packed in its own rugged Wurks Box with a compartmentalized accessory tray.

CA79A Cutting Attachment (Acetylene only) with precision forged brass head and body and injector mixer. Cuts up to 1″ with supplied tip.
MR Series Regulators with large, easy to read single scale 2” gauges.
WH79 Welding Handle with mixer can be used with Acetylene and most fuel gases: MAP//Pro™, Propane, Propylene and Natural Gas


Use the Wurks for:
– Cutting most Steels
– Auto, Truck and Trailer Repair
– Plumbing and General Home Maintenance
– Building Metal Workstands
– Creating Metal Artwork
– Heating Metal Bars and Pipes for Bending
– Removing Rusty Nuts from Rusty Bolts
– Repairing Garden and Farm Tools


Product Information

Part # Welding Handle Cutting Attachment Cutting Tip Weld/Braze Tip Oxygen Reg. 5-80 PSIG Acetylene Reg. 2-15 PSIG Toolbox with Tray
WURKS-H WH79 w/UM79 Mixer CA79A 6290A-1 TYPE 79E-2 MR8210




Black Plastic

Wurks-H outfits available with CGA300 Acetylene Regulators- Order by adding (-1) to end of part number.

Additional information

Cutting Capacity:

1” with supplied tip; up to 6” with optional tips.

Welding Capacity:

3/64” with supplied tip; up to 1/2” with optional tips.

Accessories Include:

•12.5' Twin 3/16", "B" Hose
•Goggles Shade #5
•Flint Lighter
•Tip Cleaner Set
•Leather Welding Gloves