Vapor Vue®

Uniweld’s Vapor Vue® absorbs heat naturally and flashes the liquid refrigerant from the cylinder and charges into the system as a vapor. Connecting the Vapor Vue® to the low side of your charging manifold will increase the charging rate up to 8 times faster and the liquid is controlled by adjusting the manifold valve and monitoring the vapor rate trough the double sight glass. Vapor Vue® is factory pressure tested at 800 PSI and can be used to charge any refrigeration & air conditioning system R-410A, CFC, HCFC, & HFC; Zeotropic and Azeotropic refrigerants without the danger of liquid slugging and damaging the compressor. Placing the manifold & Vapor Vue® over hot discharge airflow of the condensing unit will increase the heat exchange and charging rate efficiency. Patent Pending.

Product Information

Part # Description
VV1 Vapor Vue with 1/4″ Flare Fittings