Uniweld Products® Introduces the Smartech® UVG2 Digital Vacuum Gauge

Uniweld Products® has released the new Smartech® UVG2 Digital Vacuum Gauge which totes extreme accuracy and fits in your shirt pocket.


The newest product from Uniweld’s Smartech® line is the UVG2 Digital Vacuum gauge. It has a highly accurate sensor that provides precise vacuum readings on a large, backlit LCD display. The accuracy is 5% of Reading +/- 5 Microns. It is preloaded with several different measurements: microns, Pa, mBar, and mmHg. The UVG2 has a range of 0-25,000 Microns, 3330 Pa, 33.3 mBar, 25 mmHg and a resolution of 1 Micron (<1,000 Microns), .1 Pa, .001 mBar, .001 mmHg. Made to work in different environments, its operating temperatures are -10 °F to 122 °F (-12 °C to 50 °C). To eliminate false vacuum readings, the UVG2 has a built-in oil sensor that indicates when the gauge needs cleaning. Simply rinse out the vacuum gauge with some alcohol and it will work like new.
It is also capable of self-calibration with no reference needed and the sensor can withstand over pressurization up to 500 psi. The low energy consumption keeps the UVG2 working up to 100 hours on two ‘AAA’ batteries.
The UVG2 Digital Vacuum Gauge is packed with features, durable, and small enough to fit in your shirt pocket. The UVG2 comes with a ¼” F.F. brass adaptor, a protective rubber boot, and (2) ‘AAA’ batteries. It works brilliantly with Uniweld’s® Fast-Flo® Hose Set. The blue hose has an EZ Access T-Fitting™ built into the middle of the hose for a convenient micron gauge connection. Using the ¼” F.F. brass adaptor included with the UVG2, the vacuum gauge easily connects to the T-Fitting for an extremely accurate vacuum reading.
Used together, The Fast-Flo® Hose Set and the UVG2 work in perfect harmony. The UVG2 Digital Vacuum Gauge is a reliable tool that helps you work smarter, with Smartech®.

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