WolfPower® Tungsten Electrodes

WolfPower Precision Centerless ground Tungsten Electrodes are used for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) is commonly called TIG Welding.

The five factors used to select the proper Tungsten electrode for GTAW are:
1. Material to be welded
2. Size of material
3. Shape of tip on torch to be used.
4. The electrode holder
5. The nozzle.

Pure Tungsten is not recommended for use on DC due to their susceptibility to weld contamination.

Product Information

Part # Product Size
WED89 EWP Pure Tungsten .040″
WEDD9 EWP Pure Tungsten 1/16″
WEDF9 EWP Pure Tungsten 3/32″
WEDH9 EWP Pure Tungsten 1/8″
WEDJ9 EWP Pure Tungsten 5/32″
W2DD9 EWTh-2 Thoriated Tungsten 1/16″
W2DF9 EWTh-2 Thoriated Tungsten 3/32″
W2DH9 EWTh-2 Thoriated Tungsten 1/8″
WHDD9-Q EWCe-2 Ceriated Tungsten 1/16″
WHDF9-Q EWCe-2 Ceriated Tungsten 3/32″
WHDH9-Q EWCe-2 Ceriated Tungsten 1/8″
WIDD9-Q EWZr-1 ZirconiatedTungsten 1/16″
WIDF9-Q EWZr-1 ZirconiatedTungsten 3/32″
WIDH9-Q EWZr-1 ZirconiatedTungsten 1/8″

Additional information

Pure Tungsten

• These electrodes are basically unalloyed; they contain a minimum of 99.5% wt-% Tungsten. These electrodes are known to be the most economical and are considered good for general purpose welding on Aluminum and Magnesium. The tip will form a clean, balled end that provides good ARC stability on AC.

2% Thoriated Tungsten

• The most common electrode used today. the electrodes contain a nominal 2 wt-% of Thorium Oxide (ThO2) throughout the entire length of the rod. Provides a stable ARC and is easy to start. Used generally on DC negative or straight polarity.

2% Ceriated Tungsten

• Electrodes contain 2 wt-% of Cerium Oxide in place of Thorium. They are non-radio-active and easier to start than pure Tungsten. They can be used on AC or DC in either polarity and have a reduced rate of burn-off.

1% Zirconiated Tungsten

• Electrodes contain Zirconium Oxide. Minimizes tungsten contamination of the weld. Retains a balled end during welding and performs well on AC.