Hand Torches (Unitorch®)

Uniweld’s Hand Torches are the right choice for small jobs in confined areas with limited access. These lightweight, portable flametools can be operated with Propane or MAP//Pro™ (Propylene). Hand torches are shipped on display cards or in clamshell packaging.


Product Information

Part# Tubing Capacity Propane Solder Tubing Capacity Propane Braze Tubing Capacity MAP//Pro™ [Propylene] Solder Tubing Capacity™ [Propylene] Braze Replacement Tip
PCV25 Up to 7/8″ Up to 3/8″ Up to 1″ Up to 5/8″ N/A
RP3T2 Up to 3-1/2″ Up to 2″ Up to 4″ Up to 3″ N/A
RP3T3 Up to 4″ Up to 2-1/2″ Up to 6″ Up to 4″ N/A
RP3T5 Up to 3″ Up to 1″ Up to 3-1/2″ Up to 1-3/4″ N/A
MKT-4L Up to 3″ Up to 1″ Up to 3-1/2″ Up to 1-3/4″ N/A

*LP Thruster® Tip with screen diffusion flame holder for flame adjustment without tip damage (while supplies last)


MKT-4L includes RP3T5 Hand Torch with [1] MAP//Pro™ disposable cylinder. Shipped in display box [6 per case]



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Additional information

PCV25 Pencil Flame Hand Torch:

• Adjustable pencil point flame for soldering copper tubing and thawing frozen pipes.

RPT5 Hand Torch:

• LP Twister® Tip utilizes swirl combustion technology to produce a high energy efficient flame. The flame that remains stable in windy conditions.