Torch Handles

Uniweld’s rugged, ergonomically designed air/fuel torch handles provide you with better grip, balance and comfort. Handle options include screw connect or quick connect, “A” or “B” inlet connections and front or rear control valves.


Product Information

Part# Description Connect Type Hose Connection
TH3 Rear Valve Screw Air/Acetylene “A”
TH5 Front Pilot Valve Screw Air/Acetylene “A”
TH9 Front Valve Screw Air/Acetylene “A”
TH6 Rear Valve Quick Air/Acetylene “A”
TH7 Front Pilot Valve Quick Air/Acetylene “A”
TH8 Front Valve Quick Air/Acetylene “A”
TH3B Rear Valve Screw Air/LP “B”
TH5B Front Pilot Valve Screw Air/LP “B”
TH9B Front Valve Screw Air/LP “B”
TH6B Rear Valve Quick Air/LP “B”
TH7B Front Pilot Valve Quick Air/LP “B”
TH8B Front Valve Quick Air/LP “B”