Sludge Sucker Maintenance

40055 Sludge Sucker® Maintenance Kit
A versatile, all-in-one kit that includes a Nitrogen regulator with a delivery pressure up to 400 PSI for pressure testing an A/C&R system for leaks. It also includes many accessories for cleaning condensate drain lines and for blowing off coils. It even has a air chuck to fill up that flat tire. As a bonus, our Sludge Blaster® is included. Carry stands are sold seperately.

Product Information

Part# Description
40055  (RHP400) Nitrogen Regulator

(40000) Sludge Sucker®

(40061) Sludge Blaster®

(H2SSM) 2 ft. Hose

(H5SMBY) 5 ft. Hose

(40048) Needle Tip

(40050) 1/2″ Rubber Plug

(40022) 3/4″ Rubber Plug

(BG1) Blowgun

(40045) Air Chuck