Cool Blue™

CBRP – Cool Blue™ Reusable Heat Sink Putty protects surfaces, valves and heat sensitive components by absorbing damaging heat when soldering, brazing or welding.

[ Cool Blue™ Reusable Putty ]

Uniweld’s Director International Richard Apodaca demonstrates the overheating protective properties of Cool Blue™, by showing 2 copper tubes being brazed side by side. Each tube is wrapped with a metal wire which has a melting temperature of 430 °F (221 °C). The tube on the left side is unprotected, whereas the tube on the right side, protects the metal wire by placing Cool Blue™ on the copper tube, between the metal wire and the brazing point. The unprotected metal wire melts away, whereas the metal wire protected with Cool Blue™, remains intact.

[ Cool Blue™ Heat Sink Paste ]