Uniweld’s TYPE7928E Series Tip Ends require a mixer and are designed for Preheating & Straightening.

Product Information

Complete Assembly Part # Tip End Only Elbow to Mixer Thread Spec Oxy-Fuel Acetylene Equal Pressure PSIG Flow (SCFH) Each Gas
TYPE7928E-2 n/a 23/64”-26(M) 6 25
TYPE7928E-4 n/a 23/64”-26(M) 8 35
TYPE7928E-6 n/a 23/64”-26(M) 10 40
TYPE7928E-8 n/a 23/64”-26(M) 12 50

Additional information

Mixer for Handle 43L9E:


Mixer for Handle WH79:

UM79 (Oxyacetylene ONLY)