The Specialist

Part# KAR780ASPF-4
The Uniweld Specialist is a heavy duty oxy-fuel outfit for cutting, welding and brazing. Oxygen and fuel flashback arrestors with built-in check valves prevent reverse flow of gases and flashback. This outfit is packed in its own handy tool box with utility tray.

– Cutting Capacity: 3/4″ with supplied tip; up to 8″ with optional tips.
– Welding Capacity: 3/32″ with supplied tip; up to 3″ with optional tips.

Specialist outfits available with CGA300 Acetylene Regulators- Order by adding (-1) to end of the part number.

Product Information

Part # Welding Handle Cutting Attachment Cutting Tip Weld/Braze Tip Oxygen Regulator 5-125 PSIG Acetylene Regulator 2-15 PSIG
KAR780ASPF-4 WH360 780A 1-101-1 TYPE 4-1 RUH8310 CGA540 RUH8311 CGA510

Additional information


• CC60 Black Plastic Tool Box w/ Tray
• TFA100/TFA101 Flashback Arrestors