Specialty Tips

Uniweld provides a wide range of Specialty Tips that fit our air/fuel “screw connect” torch handles. This grouping includes our sensitive Halide Leak Detector with probe hose.

Product Information

Part # Product Description
STO7A Heat Shrink  9″ elbow with a 1-1/2″ diameter burner tip end | Soft wraparound flame for heat shrink work
S28 Twin Flexible 8-3/4″ Overall Length | 4″ Width
PB29 Paint Burner Heavy duty forged brass burner: 2″ wide flame for paint removal and tile cutting
SS37 Chisel Solder Iron N/A
SS38 Pointed Solder Iron N/A
CH20 Chisel Copper Head Replacement Chisel for SS37
CH32 Pointed Copper Head Replacement Head for SS38