Gas Test Gauges

Uniweld’s Gas Test Gauges are used to pressure test all new installations for leaks and inspection codes. After installation and the system has been pressurized, the leakage will be indicated by a pressure drop on the gauge.

Product Information

Gauge Description 1/2″ FPT Box Top Mount* 3/4″ FPT Box 1″ FPT Box Side Mount 3/4″ Box Replacement Gauge***
15 psi, 2″ 1/10 lb. incr. Full Scale TGB215 TGB15 TGB115 TGH15 GP210-5
30 psi, 1/4″ lb. incr., 2″ TGB230 TGB30 TGB130 TGH30 GP211-5
60 psi 1lb. incr., 2″ TGB260 TGB60 TGB160 TGH60 GP212-5
100 psi 1lb. incr., 2″ TGB2100 TGB100 TGB1100 TGH100 GP213-5
**0-6 psi/1/10lb., 0-12. in of Mercury 4″ [100mm] TGB206 TGB6 TGB106 TGH6 GD408IP
0-15 psi/1/10 lb., 0-30 in of Mercury, 4″ [100mm] TGB4215 TGB415 TGB4115 TGH415 GS410-51P


Note: *Uniweld reserves the right to use either plated or steel or an aluminum hex body when supplying a top mount gas test gauge assembly. **Special Sensitive 2-1/2″ diaphragm gauge for more accurate low-pressure reading. ***Replacement Gauges come with 1/4″ NPT.