Cylinder to Regulator Adaptors

Uniweld’s anti-corrosive brass adaptors connects tanks to regulators.

Product Information

Part # UPC Connections
F10X 43300 CGA580 to CGA540
F22X 43303 CGA540 to CGA580
F24X 43304 CGA510 “POL” to CGA300 “CA”
F25 43305 CGA200 “MC” 90º to CGA510 “POL”
F28 43306 CGA300 “CA” to CGA510 “POL”
F31 43307 CGA520 “B” to CGA200 “MC”
F32 43308 CGA510 “POL” to CGA520 “B”
F33 43309 CGA520 “B” 90º to CGA510 “POL”
F34 43310 CGA200 “MC” 90º to CGA520 “B”
F35 43311 CGA300 “CA” to CGA520 “B”
F36 43319 CGA320 to “CO2” CGA580
F37 43312 CGA510 “POL” to CGA200 “MC”
F38 43313 CGA300 “CA” to CGA200 “MC”
F41 43314 CGA200 “MC” to CGA520 “B”
F42 43323 CGA580(M) to BS341#3(F)
F50 43315 CGA520 “B” 90º to CGA520 “B”
F60 43316 ALC CGA410 Fitting to CGA510 “POL”
F61X 43317 CGA520 “B” to CGA300 “CA”