Gas Pressure Test Kit

Uniweld’s precision test kit includes a sensitive diaphragm gauge that is calibrated in inches of water column for extreme accuracy. Convenient to use without the mess of water or worry of mercury. Uniweld developed the 0-35″ W.C Gas Test Kit to accurately accommodate both natural gas at 3-4″ W.C. and LP gas at 11-12″ W.C.


Test kit includes:

– A Diaphragm Gauge that accurately sets manifold pressure for Natural or LP gas
– Brass Fitting (barbed x 1/8″ M.P.T)
– Rubber tube with nipple for easy connection
– Molded Plastic Case
– Instructions


Replacement Parts
– (Part# 45595) Brass Fitting, Barbed x 1/8″ M.P.T.
– (Part# 45596) Rubber Nipple
– (Part# 45597) Black Rubber Hose
– (Part# 45598) Gauge Lens
– (Part# 45599) Carrying Case

Product Information

Part# Description
45503 Scale: 0-35″ W.C., 0-20 oz./In2

Additional information




Brass Fitting, Barbed x 1/8" M.P.T.


Rubber Nipple


Black Rubber Hose


Gauge Lens


Carrying Case