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Melting Point Chart

Melting Point Chart


Metal or Alloy Melting Point
°F °C
Aluminum, order pure 1218 658
Brass and Bronze 1600-1660 871-904
Copper 1981 1083
Iron, Cast and Malleable 2300 1260
Lead, Pure 620 327
Magnesium 1240 671
Monel 2400 1316
Nickel 2646 1452
Silver, Pure 1762 961
Steel, Hi-Carbon (0.40% to 0.70% carbon) 2500 1371
Steel, Medium Carbon (less than 0.15%) 2700 1482
Steel, Low Carbon (0.15% to 0.40% carbon) 2600 1427
Stainless Steel, (18% Chromium, 8% Nickel) 2550 1399
Titanium 3270 1799
Tungsten 6152 3400
Zinc, Cast or Rolled 786 419

Material Safety Data Sheet


E71T-GS, E71T-1, E71T-11 Carbon Steel Flux Cored Wire Mig
Alumatig/Alumamig 100, Alumatig/Alumamig 4043, Alumatig/Alumamig 5356 Aluminum Welding Wire
Decoptig/Decopmig, Albrotig/Albromig Silbrotig/Silbromig, Phosbrotig/Phosbromig Copper Base Welding Wire AWS A5.7, AWS A5.27
Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) Stainless Wire and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Stainless Wire Per AWS A5.9 Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) Stainless Wire and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Stainless Wire
Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) AWS A5.18, AWS A5.28 Carbon and Low Alloy Steel Filler Metals for Gas Shielded Arc Welding ER70S--2, ER70S-3, ER70S-6, and ER80S-D2
UNI-5000 Covered Electrode For SMAW
UNI-1900 Copper Base Arc Welding Electrode
UNI-3700 Covered Electrode for SMAW
UNI-4200 Self-Fluxing Aluminum Buildup
UNI-2000 Covered Electrode for SMAW
UNI-3000 Covered Electrode for SMAW
UNI-6300 Surfacing Electrode
UNI-3800 Covered Electrode for SMAW
Stainless Steel Arc Welding Electrodes Stainless Steel Arc Welding Electrodes
E6010, E6011, E6022, E7014, E7024, UNIPIPE-6, -7, -8, UNI-6001, UNI-6013, UNI7014, UNI-7018, UNI-7018AC, UNI-7024, UNI-11018M Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Low Hydrogen, Low Alloy Steel
UNI-1800, UNI-1800FC Copper Base Welding and Brazing Wire and Rod
UNI-1850, UNI-1850FC Copper Base Welding and Brazing Wire and Rod
UNI-2350 Tacking Electrode
UNI-2200 Covered Electrode for SMAW
UNI-1500 Flux Silver Brazing Powder Flux
UNI-2400 Covered Electrode for Chamfering
UNI-2300 Covered Electrode for SMAW
UNI-4300 Flux Aluminum Soldering Flux
UNI-1000 Flux Silver Brazing Paste Flux
UNI-1450 Flux Inorganic Acid Soldering Flux
UNI-4100 Aluminum Brazing Alloy (Proprietary Formulation)
UNI-4100 Flux Aluminum Brazing Powder Flux
UNI-4000 Aluminum Welding Filler Cad Alloy
UNI-1000, UNI-1002, UNI-1005, UNI-1006, UNI-1015 Phos/Copper Brazing Alloys
UNI-4300 UNI-4300 Aluminum Soft Solder
UNI-55, UNI-99 Covered Electrode for SMAW
UNI-1035, UNI-1035FC, UNI-1045, UNI-1045FC, UNI-1056, UNI-1056FC Silver Brazing Alloy
UNI-1450A Silver Solder, Acid Core
E6010, E6011, E6012, E6022, E7014, E7024, UNIPIPE-6, -7, -8, UNI-6011, UNI-6013, UNI-7014, UNI-7018, UNI-7018AC, UNI-7024, UNI-11018M Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Low Hydrogen, Low Alloy Steel
UNI-3500 Covered Electrode for SMAW
UNI-1500, UNI-1500FC, Low Fuming Bronze Bare & Flux Coated AWS A5.8 and 5.27 RBCUZN-C, RCUZN-C Copper Base Brazing Rod Flux Coated and Bare
UNI-6000 Surfacing Electrode
94100 Leak Sniper™ 94100 Leak Sniper™ Universal A/C Dye
Propane Odorized Propane Odorized
Cool Blue™ Heat Sink Paste
UNI-Cobalt 1, 6, 12, 6FC, 12FC Hard Alloy Cobalt Based Covered Electrodes and Bare Rode
Flame Barrier Refractory Ceramic Fiber Product
R & O 68 Turbine Oils Vacuum Pump Oil
Flint for Lighter Flint- Ferrocerium
UNI-1000 Black Silver Brazing Paste Flux
Tungsten Electrodes Pure, 1% Thoriated, 2% Thoriated, Rare Earth, Lanthanated, Ceriated & Zirconiated Tungsten
Mapp® Gas Liquefied Petroleum gas with Methyl Acetylene-Propadiene
Map//Pro™ Premium Hand Torch Fuel


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