4 Valve Aluminum Manifold



Anodized aircraft aluminum block body with 4 ports for charging, evacuating and testing a system without changing or removing hoses.
3/8” SAE port increases vacuum capacity and saves time
Optical sight glass for monitoring refrigerant
Durable, brazed brass T-handles provide smooth, precise adjustments
NPF® No Pointer Flutter™, 80mm (3-1/8”) gauges with (4) color coded refrigerant scales and color coded gauge boots
Soft Magic® high pressure hoses (available with optional anti-blowback fittings)


Part # Description
Q4N8 4-Valve Aluminum Manifold (No Hoses)
Q4N85SM 4-Valve Aluminum Manifold (5 ft. Soft Magic® Hose Set)
Q4N85SMA 4-Valve Aluminum Manifold (5 ft. Soft Magic® Anti-Blowback Hose Set)
Other pressure and temperature scales are available upon request.


Replacement Gauges

G429ND Red, Pressure    
G430ND Blue, Compound