Trakutter™ Cutting Machine

The Uniweld Trakutter™ is a portable track-style machine that can operate on its own track for precision straight line cutting. The Trakutter™ is a Cutting Machine with 32 pitch pinion torch holder designed for 1-3/8″ (35 mm) barrel diameter. Fits Uniweld machine torches; Series 63,64 and 68.

Trakutter™ Features Include:
– Power: AC110V or 220V, 50/60 Hz.
– Large adjustment knobs and wing nuts for lock-down
– 3′ manifold to torch twin hose and two hose manifold block
– Additional hoses required. Torch not included.
– Speed Range: 6″ (150mm) per/min to 31″ (800mm) per/min
– Racking distance up to 8″ from the machine body
– Single cone speed changer; variable speed in both forward and reverse
– 6 ft. of Track included with UCM200T and UCM220T
– 16″ Power Cord

*Torch Not Included

Product Information

Part # Gas Power Accessories
UCM200 Oxy/Fuel 110V-50/60Hz Tracks Not Included
UCM220 Oxy/Fuel 220V-50/60Hz Tracks Not Included
UCM200T Oxy/Fuel 110V-50/60Hz Tracks Included
UCM220T Oxy/Fuel 220V-50/60Hz Tracks Included