Ratchet Screwdrivers

Uniweld’s 6’N’1 Ratchet Screwdriver you can change bits and driver sizes quickly with a pull, flip and click. Work with 4 magnetized bits and 2 drivers sizes.


Uniweld’s 20’N’1 multi-tip Ratchet Screwdriver comes with 14 magnetic interchangeable double-end bits, three nut drivers, two valve core extractors and one wire bender.


Both Screwdrivers come with three ratchet driver settings: Forward, Reverse & Manual.

Product Information

Part # Description
RSDBIT1  3/16″ slotted | #1 Philips
RSDBIT2 1/4″ slotted | #2 Philips
RSDBIT3 5/16″ slotted | #3 Philips
RSDBIT4 S-1 Square | S-2 Square
RSDBIT5 T-10 Torx | T-15 Torx
RSDBIT6 5/32″ Allen |1/8″ Allen
RSDBIT7 1/4″ Allen | 3/16″ Allen
RSDBIT8 Valve Core Pick Extractor | Valve Core Removal Tool

Additional information


Includes RSDBIT1 and RSDBIT2


Includes RSDBIT1 – RSDBIT8