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Cap’n Hook – MTFM

Uniweld’s Cap’n Hook® high performance tip transfers high heat directly onto your work area and away from nearby sensitive areas. Stainless steel construction provides a stable flame time after time while holding its shape. Cap’n Hook® tips provide rapid, even heat distribution for excellent brazing and flow of alloy.

Product Information

Complete Assembly Part # MAP//Pro™, Propane Consumption (SCFH) Oxygen Pressure (PSIG) Acetylene/Fuel Pressure (PSIG) Overall Length Brazing Copper Tubing
MTFM-5 2.6 10 5 5-1/2” 1”
MTFM-9 3.1 15 7 8-1/2” 2”
MTFM-17 5.6 20 10 11” 3”

Additional information

Compatible Welding Handles:

• 71
• WH250
• WH550
• WH350 (requires F15 adaptor)