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Automotive Universal A/C Adaptors & Kit

Uniweld’s Universal A/C Adaptor Kit box contains the most popular adaptors for servicing an A/C system, including a universal ball valve with interchangeable service connectors.It also includes replacement parts for R-12 and R-134a service hoses.

Product Information

Part # Description
92830 Universal Adaptor Kit
BV501FX Universal Ball with 1/4″ M.F.
92786 1/4″ Service Connector, straight
92788 1/4″ Service Connector, with 90° bend
92795 3/16″ Service Connector, straight
92797 3/16″ Service Connector, with 90° bend
HX14N-10 1/4″ Hose Gasket [10 pcs.]
H76S-10 1/4″ Hose Depressor [10 pcs.]
X09R R-134a Low Side Coupler O-Ring [5 pcs.]
X11R R-134a High Side Coupler O-Ring [5 pcs.]
X15R Hose O-Ring 14mm male [5 pcs.]
X40R Service Connector O-Ring [10 pcs.]
HR134N-10 1/2″ ACME Hose Gasket [10 pcs.]