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Uniweld’s Patriot® Outfits solder and braze without the use of an oxygen cylinder when using the Acetylene Twister® tip and air / fuel adaptor.
– Single stage Patriot® series regulators include protective rubber gauge boots
– Front valve welding handle with stainless steel ball point valves for accurate gas control
– Cutting attachment with three tube tip mix for top performance and safety. Cuts up to 1/2″ steel with supplied tip
– Optional cutting tips available for cutting up to 2″ steel
– Air/fuel adaptor converts welding handle to use quick connect air/fuel tips
– Welding tip for brazing up to 1″ copper tubing and welding up to 1/8″ steel

All listed outfits include:
– 71 welding handle
– Type17-2 welding/brazing tip
– A-8 Twister® Tip (acetylene)
– F13 air/fuel adaptor
– CA100 cutting attachment
– CT100-0D cutting tip
– RO oxygen regulator

Product Information

Part # Acetylene Regulator Carrying Stand Tanks
KLT71-4 RMC2 W/O W/O
KLT71-4C RMC2 500S W/O
KLT71-4C-T RMC2 500S MC/R
KLT71-4P RMC2 511 W/O
KLT71-4P-T RMC2 511 MC/R
KLT71-5 RB2 W/O W/O
KLT71-5TR RB2 504 W/O

Additional information

Welding Handle:


Welding / Brazing Tip:


Acetylene Tip:

A-8 Twister Tip®


F13 Air/Fuel Adaptor

Cutting Attachment:


Cutting Tip:


Oxygen Regulator: