Halide Leak Detector

Propane Halide Leak Detector


Uniweld's Propane Halide Leak Detector instantly locates non-combustible halide (CFC & HCFC) refrigerant gas leaks. Leaks are located when the chlorine based refrigerant gases are drawn in through the probe hose and exposed to a heated copper reactor plate, changing the blue flame to green. This detector is very sensitive and can be used to locate leaks as small as 20 ppm of CFC and HCFC refrigerants.


Part #Description
PCDLD33TPropane Halide Leak Detector w/Tool Box includes: PLDS33V leak detector w/probe hose, FL34, Flint Lighter, PDC Propane Cylinder & Plastic Tool Box. (9 per case)
PCLD33Propane Halide Leak Detector includes: PLD33V leak detector w/probe hose and PDC Propane Cylinder. (6 per case)
PLD33Propane Halide Leak Detector with probe hose, for air/fuel torch handle
PLD33VPropane Halide Leak Detector with probe hose valve assembly
LD32Propane Halide Leak Detector for air/acetylene use
CC61Plastic Tool Box 12.5” 7” x 5”
H02-33 ft. Probe Hose
PCVValve Assembly Only
LDPLCCopper Reactor Plate
LD7-1AInjector for LD-16 assembly