Geertz selected essays

Geertz Selected Essays

This book, winner of the. New York: Basic Books. The Interpretation of Cultures: Selected Essays. No ratings or reviews yet. Best Selling in Nonfiction. 25 cm. Clifford Geertz: Deep at Work in Bali By definition, anthropology is the study of humanity and of human culture. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Subject headings Ethnology. "An Inconstant Profession: The Anthropological Life in Interesting Times", Annual Review of Anthropology 31 (2002), pp 1-19, PDF. Subject headings Ethnology. Thick description involves writing detailed narratives or ‘vignettes’ explaining situations and their background ‘context’. New York/USA 1973: Basic Books, pp. “Having called various sorts of spirits from the vasty deep,” writes Geertz, “I thought it necessary to show that at least some of them had come” (Geertz 2000: ix) Book Description. 3-30 New York/USA 1973: Basic Books, pp. Geertz, Clifford. See all Geertz, C. Best Selling in Nonfiction. See all (On line) Reading: Geertz, C. Observation of the use of words and cultural symbols will determine theory meaning Clifford James Geertz (/ ɡ ɜːr t s / (); August 23, 1926 – October 30, 2006) was an American anthropologist who is remembered mostly for his strong support for and influence on the practice of symbolic anthropology, and who was considered "for three decadesthe single most influential cultural anthropologist in the United States." He served until his death as professor emeritus at the. of &. New York: Basic Books. The work is inevitably very subjective, but read it and enjoy for the prose and the stimulation The term was invented by social anthropologists Gilbert Ryle and Clifford Geertz. Title The interpretation of cultures; selected essays. 87-125. The interpretation of cultures : selected essays. No ratings or reviews yet. Shop now Includes bibliographical references Thick description : toward an interpretive theory of culture -- The impact of the concept of culture on the concept of man -- The growth of culture and the evolution of mind -- Religion as a cultural system -- Ethos, world view, and the analysis of sacred symbols -- Ritual and social change : a Javanese example -- "Internal conversion" in contemporary Bali. Published geertz selected essays London: Hutchinson, 1975. Fontana Press 1993. Culture. Free shipping.