Should we keep animals as pets essay

Should We Keep Animals As Pets Essay

In contrast to this, it is necessary to note that animals have their. Some animals are known to spread very dangerous diseases that are extremely harmful to man. Sometimes they are kept in cages. Nowadays keeping pets is gaining increasing popularity. We've heard many reasons well-meaning people give for wanting to keep wild animals: It's educational for the children. Moreover, as Francione suggests, caring for. Next, pets carry health risk for some should we keep animals as pets essay people. Although early humans may have first sought to domesticate animals as living tools, they surely recognized the other benefits of animals as pets that we still see today. Both, animals and birds can be our pets. This essay will discuss both points of view Once again, while the always-accepted domesticated pet species are not only what exotic pet owners are urged to acquire instead of what they want, said species are causing the environmental problems that people theorize can occur with exotic pets to an extreme degree…and very few people care or want to do anything about it! Animals live as close to the natural habitat as possible. They keep us healthy. Nowadays, more and more people would like to keep a dog or cat or some other kinds of pets. Although zoos probably are not a good idea to treat them, I still agree that we should keep animals in the zoos. There are some pet animals who are allowed to stay with us freely. The dog is the most faithful animal However, people should not be allowed to own exotic animals as pets. Despite the odds favouring owners outliving their pets, pet owners are inclined to keep on getting themselves new pets when the old ones pass away The animals rights activist group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) opposes keeping pets, partially for this reason.An official statement on their website states that animals' "lives are restricted to human homes where they must obey commands and can only eat, drink and even urinate when humans allow them to.". There are many reasons why dogs are called the best pet. Nothing good can come from keeping an animal bereft of its natural habitat, along with the opportunity to engage in the wide spectrum of its natural behaviors If we don’t have zoos, we want to see wild animals, we need to go to forests. Living with the Australian environment. Like us, our pets can get sick and need medicines too The disadvantages of having pets are three; pets cost money. They want a perfect match, for both you and the animal, and will be more than willing to try for a better fit Pets are different from other animals in that we see them as 'friends', rather than 'food'. Humans have been masters of other species for so long that they just do not question whether they have the right to keep them captive Keeping exotic animals as pets is a health hazard to the person and the community at large.

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In conclusion, it is very obvious that there are many reasons why people keep pets. However we might understand the concept of necessity in this context, it cannot be understood as allowing any suffering or death for frivolous purposes Just because a few nutty people keep unsuitable animals, doesn’t mean keeping pets should be banned. Zoos don’t keep animals and care for them well enough When humans work closely with animals, bonds form. In conclusion, it should be stated that keeping wild exotic animals as pets is not just dangerous and expensive, but also very cruel. It’s a gross misrepresentation to sell these animals as pets.” Disease Threat. It is due to this mentality that Australians are not legally allowed to own native animals as pets Moreover, animals are safe. Probably, it is the most faithful of all These are one of the reasons why we should not keep a wild animal as a pet. Like us, our pets can get sick and need medicines too What we do not often consider in the discussion on the pros and cons of keeping animals in captivity are the pets that we have at home. After a long period of staying together, people view their lovely pets as an old friend and even as family members As mentioned before, the misrepresentation of the term ‘exotic pets’ by animal welfare/animal rights movements and the media has resulted in a misinformed public opinion. From many angles, it is proved that animals are our friends. The dog is the most faithful animal From many angles, it is proved that animals are our friends. However, training helps them to get used not to damage furniture. Dog is a faithful animal. The increased interests in science and natural history saw the introduction of zoos in 1763, which facilitated up close animal studies and would provide a chance for entertaining and educating the public In having pets, we become more loving and responsible not only towards animals but also towards other people. Throughout recent decades, humanity has made a solid effort in order to prevent the extinction of these animals, protect the habitat of these species, and somehow minimize. These bonds lead to humans viewing animals as much more than just tools. Some people believe that animals should be treated in the same way humans are and have similar rights, whereas others think that it is more important to use them as we desire for food and medical research. This is why we give our pets names and also why it is wise not to give a name to any animal you want to eat Keeping Australian Native Animals as Pets. Here are 5 solid reasons why you should not consider raising a wild animal as a pet: 1. In conclusion, it should be stated that keeping wild exotic animals as pets is not just dangerous and expensive, but also very cruel. 30 Jan , 2015 I personally believe that keeping animals in zoos is definitely extremely fierce and cruel. My persuasive prezi on why people should NOT keep exotic animals as pets. Firstly, a pet is a domestic animal that is treated with affection and care, tamed to offer pleasure and should we keep animals as pets essay companionship to the owner. Seventy-five percent of all new infectious diseases originate from nonhuman animals Essay on pet. These are sensible steps but a long way from saying no one should keep a pet Protecting the wild populations of any species does not entail keeping them held captive as pets. Conventional wisdom about animals is that it is morally acceptable for humans to use and kill them but that we should not impose unnecessary suffering and death on animals. For instance, water and other natural barrieres are used to separate animals from each other and from the visitors. Owners could be made to get licenses to keep more dangerous animals. Owning exotic animals can cause an endangerment to the animal, an endangerment to the owner, and an endangerment to the community. Wild animals always remain wild; they cannot be tamed. In conclusion, it is very obvious that there are many reasons why people keep pets.